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Welcome to the Single Purpose Ministries (SPM) website!

We are a ministry to men that exists to help men find intimacy, oneness, and connectedness to Jesus Christ. Our passion is to search and rescue the wounded hearts of men by God's grace and power. As you continue reading, it is our desire that your heart will resonate with ours. SPM believes there is more to life than living and dying. This is our message: There is More!

From the book, Beautiful Outlaw, by John Eldredge, he writes what we also know to be true... "Consider this one piece of evidence: millions of people who have spent years attending church, and yet they don't know God. Their heads are filled with stuffing about Jesus, but they do not experience him, not as the boys [His disciples] did on the beach [John 21:4]. There are millions more who love Jesus Christ but experience Him only occasionally, more often stumbling along short of the life he promised, like Lazarus still wrapped in his graveclothes." (p. 8).

Single Purpose Ministries is built around these words by Eldredge from the same book: "Jesus came to reveal God to us. He is the defining word on God--on what the heart of God is truly like, on what God is up to in the world, and on what God is up to in your life. An intimate encounter with Jesus is the most transforming experience of human be mistaken about him is the saddest mistake of all." (p. 11).

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  • June-August every Monday:
    Summer Training on Bible Memory. Stay sharp memorizing verses weekly at one of SPM's satellite offices in the Triad! Call Ed (336) 880-5522 for more details.
  • Outdoor Excursions and Retreats to various available lake properties and farm properties for manly fun and fellowship!
  • The Greensboro Grasshoppers would like to welcome groups of men from SPM to the "old ballgame" this summer. Join us!